1. Hi y’all and Happy Monday to all you Beautiful Babes! I’m back just as promised to chase your Monday blues away. Check out my new blog post Springtime Vamp for full details on what I’m wearing, my full photo shoot, and all that other good stufff right here! Be sure to let me know what you think about this outfit in a comment or a message, I’d hella love your feedback  <3  (FYI I’ll be posting to this new blogspot because of the cooler formatting but don’t trip i’ll be sure to update you BB’s on my new posts here!)

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  2. kya-saranghaeyo-hai said: Guahhhh~ I saw your post on curve appeal and I am totally following you now. Que lindaaa. I definitely need some confident, cute, sexy plus size fashion blogs. I'm curvy too. Keep it up. :D

    BB , thank you so much! I really can’t explain how much your support means to me. Sometimes blogging can feel a bit one sided, but hearing your positive feedback genuinely inspires me to keep on doing my thang. 
    Nothing but love,
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  3. City Dweller

        So it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything and I highly apologize for disappearing off the face of the fashion blog universe just as I was getting the ball rolling. But here I am, with the revamped NEH 2.0! For anybody who doesn’t know who I am or what the hell I’m rambling about (which is likely the majority of you). I’m Mel and this is my fashion blog Never Enough Hangers where I fully intend to post 3-4 times a month (be lenient with me :3). I have a huge wardrobe and I ‘m here to share with all you Beautiful Babes my stylings, my favorite season trends, and hopefully some new fashion inspiration for yourself. So BB’s, let’s get to the goods!


    All photos by: Aaron Salinas & Edited by: Maria Melinda David

        Recently L.A’s spring weather has been intensely bipolar, this week I’ve been enjoying the gloomy days and as always jumping at the opportunity to layer up. As of recent my style has evolved in to a minimal monochromatic look rather than my usual flashy style (not to say I’ve given up my gaudiness entirely). I feel minimalism makes a statement all on it’s own and always looks incredibly on point. I decided to wear all black everything and kept to a very sleek and simple silhouette. 


        In this outfit I’m rocking a thrifted Prada graphic long-sleeve, the graphic looks to be of an Olympic diver with a chain attached to their foot which I found to be an interesting aesthetic. I’ve tucked the long-sleeve into a pair of high waisted form fitting black American Apparel Disco Pants. I now swear by these pants as a closet essential, they’re around $80 bucks but I say it’s definitely worth the investment. I’ve belted them with a patent leather belt accented with a gold lion’s head buckle, very reminiscent of Versace. The belt really accentuates my hips, giving me an even more pronounced hourglass figure. As for shoes, I’ve tucked my pants into a pair of rugged mid heel lace up combat boots in black. I love a black boot paired with a black pant, it never fails to highlight and lengthen the leg in any outfit.


        Up top I’ve layered my classic cut leather Moto jacket to add some texture to this look, which is especially important in an all-black outfit. A Moto jacket is another closet essential I live by , it never fails to add that instant bad ass quality to any look. 


    As for accessories I kept it simple with a gold band on my index finger and this light weight hooded infinity scarf. The scarf which is probably my favorite part of the ensemble, really brings this entire minimal look together. It immediately dramatizes the outfit by drawing you in with a certain demure yet mysterious quality.


    Well I hope you Babes enjoyed this week’s post of Never Enough Hangers. I’m sure next week will be hot as  #$@&%* again. So tune in next week to see how I deal with that mess.
     Until then BB’s Keep it Classy,
      <3 Mel


  4. My style has been feeling a bit monochrome lately. Here’s my latest favorite outfit for fall. It’s minimal, glam, and just a bit on the edgy side. Hope you dig the look as much as I do!
    What I’m wearing: American rag penny farthing print dress, Buffalo leather moto jacket, knee highs paired with Litas by Jeffery Campbell, and my beautifully engaved skull pendant purchased from olvera st a few years back.

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  5. I put together some interview outfits for prospective jobs, this is my favorite! Can’t help feeling like a take charge kinda gal when I’m lookin’ this sharp<3 Can yah digg it?

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  6. Best advice I’ve ever gotten in regards to fashion: “Stop following the rules, playing it safe never made anything fabulous.”

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  7. It’s summertime and its hot! So here’s a go to outfit i’ve been styling on the too warm days in LA.

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  8. My name is Mel and my wardrobe could probably clothe a small country. The only valuables I own are the thrifted finds, discounted labels, and the occasional splurge (maybe more than occasional) pieces that hang in my closet. Dressing myself, dressing others, colors, patterns, latest trends, unique and vintage finds are what make my little heart spill over with so much contentment. So here I am sharing with you exactly what I love most <3 

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